Spoiler-free teasers and photos from ‘The Doctor Falls’ finale episode

Spoiler-free photos from 'The Doctor Falls' finale

Doctor Who Today brings you the most juicy teasers and exclusive photos for the 12th and finale episode of Doctor Who season 10…

The BBC has released promo photos from the finale

Exclusive Photos from the finale

Let’s go through a few exciting tidbits that we know will happen in the finale episode…

Spoiler-free photos from 'The Doctor Falls' finaleSpoiler-free photos from 'The Doctor Falls' finaleSpoiler-free photos from 'The Doctor Falls' finaleSpoiler-free photos from 'The Doctor Falls' finaleSpoiler-free photos from 'The Doctor Falls' finaleSpoiler-free photos from 'The Doctor Falls' finale


3 Teasers from the finale

  1. We will definitely find out what/who is on Floor 507 of the ship and why no-one that gone below has ever returned.
  2. The song that The Master and Missy are seen dancing to (in the promo photos) is called… “Midnight, the Stars and You”. How lovely.
  3. We will be seeing a lot of Pearl Mackie, but none of Bill as a human…

And finally, to really get you going. Here’s The Doctor himself introducing the finale episode.

So that’s it then. All geared up? We at Doctor Who Today, cannot wait!

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The biggest hint yet about Doctor Who season finale?

steven moffat and pearl mackie

**Do not read on if you haven’t seen Episode 11 of Doctor Who series 10**

The Doctor Who finale is almost upon us! And it’s promising to be one hell of a ride. The stage is set for a (possible) regeneration of the 12th and the demise of Bill Potts (aka Pearl Mackie)…

Last week, Both Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat answered fan questions via a Facebook Live session in Cardiff – we’ve compiled a few quotes from it that may give us hints about the future of the Doctor and his companion.

Answering the question on the future of Bill Potts, Steven Moffat remarked, rather jokingly…

“She’s a Cyberman from now on, she’s one of those ones in the trailer actually. She was just killing people. That’s the way it is sometimes.”

Now here comes the big one. Inquired by a fan if there were any emotions while filming her last scenes of the season, Peark Mackie said…

“I mean, I’m quite an emotional person, so it was pretty emotional, I mean even just reading any of it and at the read through it was quite emotional because there’s a lot of endings.

“I think that’s credit to Steven’s writing that you can get that kind of emotion from it when you read it that you’re supposed to get when you watch it.”

A lot of endings?…

There’s a big possibility of Peter Capaldi regenerating in the finale (if not, then for sure in the Christmas special), but are we seeing the last of Bill Potts as well?

We will just have to wait and see! Right then, here’s the brand new teaser trailer for the finale. Enjoy! Also, join us on our Facebook group to discuss everything about what the finale might hold.

Peter Capaldi on leaving Doctor Who: “It’s not easy!”

Doctor Who Peter Capaldi Regeneration

Peter Capaldi is all set to leave Doctor Who this year after serving as the 12th incarnation of The Doctor for the last 4 years. Himself, a long-time fan of the show, Peter talked about how hard of a decision it was to finally call it quits on Doctor Who…

“I love this show, but I’ve never done anything where you turn up every day for 10 months,” says Peter. “I want to always be giving it my best and I don’t think if I stayed on I’d be able to do that. It’s not easy to leave but I can’t think of another way to say, ‘This could be the end of civilization as we know it!”

Peter added that after filming three full seasons of Doctor Who, it was time he looked for a new challenge.

“With episodic television of any genre, the audience wants the same thing all the time,” he says. “But the instinct that leads the actor is not about being in a groove.”

Peter Capaldi has yet to film his final few shots of his Doctor Who career. The finale of season 10 promptly titled ‘The Fall of The Doctor’ airs on the 1st of July.

Will we see Peter regenerate into the currently unknown 13th Doctor? Or do we get to wait until the Christmas special in December 2017 to see him go?

Only time will tell!

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New Doctor Who trailer shows Peter Capaldi in action!

New Doctor Who Season 10 Trailer

It’s ‘Time For Heroes’ and Doctor Who will begin in style on April 15th, 2017.

Peter Capaldi kicks off his final season, with new sidekick Pearl Mackie (Bill). The brand new trailer shows The Doctor involved in some kick-ass action.

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Finally, Doctor Who season 10 teaser clip is here!

Doctor Who season 10 teaser clip

Yes, it is here! BBC has released Doctor Who season 10 teaser clip and it looks amazing!

It’s been quite a wait for Doctor Who fans this year. However, things are finally heating up. After the airing of the Christmas Special 2016 episode, we got a sneak peek at what’s coming up for The Doctor in the next season.

This particular teaser, shown from the POV of the new companion; Bill – is an exciting glimpse at what to expect from her new role as The Doctor’s companion.

Watch the whole clip below:

Season 10 will start airing in April 2017 – the last one by outgoing producer, Steven Moffat.

Peter Capaldi shows off his brand new Sonic Screwdriver!

Peter Capaldi shows off his brand new Sonic Screwdriver!

The Doctor’s new sonic screwdriver glows all sorts of colors!

The Doctor Who gang – Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin sat down with the Space Channel team to talk everything about Doctor Who’s Christmas Special 2016 and the Season 10.

This clip is from the part where Peter Capaldi shows off The Doctor’s brand new sonic screwdriver – and it has a multi-colored setting this time around!

See for yourself!

In this next clip, we see Steven Moffat talk about Doctor Who’s season 10 overall arc (or at least tries to) and what to expect from the first episode in 2017.

Doctor Who returns on December 25, 2016 with the Christmas Special episode.

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David Tennant to play as Scrooge McDuck in DuckTales reboot!

David Tennant plays Scrooge McDuck in DuckTales

Yes, you heard that right folks!

Our very own David Tennant will be the voice behind Scrooge McDuck – in the brand new series reboot of DuckTales.

Expect the iconic 80’s cartoon series to premiere in the summer of 2017 on Disney XD.

You can watch the short teaser for DuckTales below:

The show boasts and incredible cast of actors. Here’s the whole cast of DuckTales – including David Tennant, signing the popular DuckTales theme!

More details on the DuckTales cast:

  • David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck
  • Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz and Bobby Moynihan as the voices behind Huey, Dewey and Louie – respectively
  • Beck Bennett as Launchpad McQuack
  • Toks Olagundoye as Mrs. Beakley
  • Kate Micucci as Webby Vanderquack.

We cannot wait for Summer 2017!

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Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 Teaser Revealed!

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 Teaser

A teaser clip of the highly anticipated Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 teaser was revealed during Children in Need.

You can see Peter Capaldi return to his role as the Time Lord, casually eating a plate of sushi he kept hidden from an unknown person.

After finishing his plate, The Doctor movies to a new room (seems like he is in America) and it looks like he’s in a fight with a notorious Villain.

Okay, we’ll stop.

You can watch the whole clip below! 😉

So! What do you think? We cannot wait for the Doctor Who Christmas Special on December 25th, 2016!

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Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 Sneak Peek

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 Sneak Peek

The Christmas Special is drawing closer by the day!

The BBC has released a brand new teaser clip for the Doctor Who Christmas Special episode, which is titled ‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio”

Both Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi give their point of view on the Christmas Special. Here’s what Moffat had to say:

“I’ve always been fascinated by superheroes. Where I think superheroes are at their best is in the secret identity. The most exciting superhero, of all time, is Clark Kent. He has to be a god and pretend he isn’t. It’s the best story ever.”

From what we know right now, the Doctor Who Christmas Special is going to an hour long. The episode will air on Christmas Day 2016.


The Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, gets a sidekick in the form of an investigative journalist and a mysterious superhero – collectively teaming up to save New York from a terrible alient attack.