Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 Teaser Revealed!

A teaser clip of the highly anticipated Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 teaser was revealed during Children in Need.

You can see Peter Capaldi return to his role as the Time Lord, casually eating a plate of sushi he kept hidden from an unknown person.

After finishing his plate, The Doctor movies to a new room (seems like he is in America) and it looks like he’s in a fight with a notorious Villain.

Okay, we’ll stop.

You can watch the whole clip below! 😉

So! What do you think? We cannot wait for the Doctor Who Christmas Special on December 25th, 2016!

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29 thoughts on “Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 Teaser Revealed!”

    • Watch again…the bullets stopped and fell straight down. The ‘Ghost’ moved rather slow for the effects of his attacks…and the window shattered as if hit all over at once…likely kinetic redirection of some kind…and flight could be done in a similar way. That’s all tech, not innate powers.

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